T-Spine Mobility


Let’s be honest, you’ve got no business walking around with a hunched, kyphotic spine unless you plan on taking up a new career as a bell ringer in Notre Dame. Pretty much anything that requires extended periods of sitting such as office work, cycling and driving will encourage the spine to round forward. So get ready to tackle poor posture, spine mobility and improve overhead positioning with vertical pushing exercises with these effective thoracic spine mobility drills:

T-spine localised SMR

Mobility tool – A peanut shaped massage ball or two lacrosse balls duct-taped together will work just fine.

Working on spine mobility with the double lacrosse ball

Technique – Place the mobility tool of choice on the thoracic spine (around chest level). Elevate your butt slightly off the ground with your knees bent at 90 degrees and keep your spine in a neutral position. Hug your arms round your body to move the scapular out of the way. Slowly extend over the balls, but keep your core engaged to prevent hyperextension of the lumbar spine. The great thing about working with the two balls is you can localise the target area and work on 2 segments of the spine at a time. Feel free work up or down to home-in on another 2 segments of the T spine. Spend at least two minutes on the mobilisation to see and feel some change.


T-spine global extension with overhead reach

Mobility tool – Foam roller


Technique – With your feet and butt firmly planted on the ground, place your roller on your spine in line with the bottom of your ribcage. Relax back onto the roller and reach all the way above your head, touch the floor if you can. This creates a large global extension through the spine. Hold for around two minutes.