Suns Out Guns Out! Look Awesome With This Arms Workout


You know when the suns out its time to get the guns out! What’s that you say? Your arms aren’t ready? Don’t worry, you can get bigger, leaner and stronger arms for summer with this arms workout.

The SOGO Arms Workout

The session is based around two tri-sets. One for triceps and one for biceps. A tri-set is three exercises performed back to back with little to no rest in between each exercise. This has a few key benefits for you that we’ll get into later.

I’ve placed the triceps movements first in the arms workout because most arms workouts always start with biceps. Coincidentally people always complain of weak triceps. The triceps also make up 60% of the upper arm, so giving them priority for sleeve-ripping arms is a must.

The basic formula for each tri-set is a compound exercise followed by two isolation exercises. The compound exercise, with a relatively low rep range will allow you to stimulate the high threshold, fast twitch muscle fibres. The following isolation exercises will further tap into those muscle fibres plus some more slow twitch fibres. So as you can already see the workout is going to leave no stone unturned.

A few key benefits of tri-sets are firstly they allow you to keep the muscles under a longer time under tension, thus recruiting more muscle and stimulating greater hypertrophy gains. This longer time under tension will also mean more blood is forced into the cells (AKA the pump). This will result in sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. This can be described as an increase in muscle size due to increased volume of fluid in muscle cells. Lastly due to the pace of the tri-sets they’ll get your heart rate up which means more calories burnt. Particularly good news if you’re trying to lean out.

Note: the workouts are presented as, Exercise | sets x reps | tempo | rest

1A: Close grip barbell press | 3 x 6-8 | 3110 | 10 seconds rest
1B: Over head rope extension | 3 x 10-12 | 3010 | 10 seconds rest
1C: Straight bar press down | 3 x 12-15 | 2010 | 90 seconds rest
2A: Close underhand chin up | 3 x 6-8 | 3011 | 10 seconds rest
2B: Standing barbell curl | 3 x 8-10 | 4010 | 10 seconds rest
2C: Incline hammer curl | 3 x 12-15 | 2011 | 90 seconds rest

Here’s a little more on each exercise, a quick form guide and some other useful coaching points.

Arms workout

Close grip barbell press – Lie on a flat bench press and grab a bar slightly closer than shoulder width apart. Keeping the elbows tucked close to the body, lower the bar down to mid-chest. Press it back up to the start to complete one rep. This movement is a fantastic tricep overall mass builder. Don’t be tempted to hold the bar with a too close grip.

Over head rope extension – Set up a rope on a cable machine from the low pulley point. Standing with your back to the machine have a partner pass you the rope. Keeping the elbow in a fixed position extend your lower arm above your head until you reach full extension. Carefully return under tension to the start. Tricep movements with the arms above the head like this target the long head of the triceps.

Straight bar press down – Set a straight bar up on a cable machine from the high pulley. Grab the bar with a palms down grip. Keeping the elbows tucked into the side extend the lower arms down to full extension. Return under tension to the start. Tricep movements with the elbows parallel to the body focus on the medial and lateral heads.

Close underhand chin up – Grab a chin up bar with a palms facing back (supinated grip). Keep your glutes and core engaged whilst pulling yourself up for your upper chest to meet the bar. Keep tension on the biceps, whilst controlling the descent back to the start. The nature of this movement means lots of muscle fibre gets recruited. Not only in the biceps, but also into the forearms.

Standing barbell curl – No arms workout is complete without heavy curls. Grab a barbell around shoulder width apart with a palms up grip. Keeping the elbow tucked in at the side curl the bar towards the shoulders. Squeeze the biceps at the top for a stronger contraction, before returning under control to the start.

Incline hammer curl – Sit on an 45 degree inclined bench and grab two dumbells with a neutral grip (palms facing inwards). Keeping the elbow in a fixed position curl the dumbells up towards the shoulders. Squeeze at the top before returning back to the start. This is a fantastic movement for targeting the brachialis. This is the golf ball shaped muscle on the side of the bicep.

Aim to perform the arms workout once every 3-5 days to really maximise your results. Your weekly split prioritising the arms could look something like:

Day 1: Arms
Day 2: Legs/shoulders
Day 3: Off
Day 4: Arms
Day 5: Chest/back
Day 6: Off
Day 7: Off

Look to increase loads each week by 1-2kg. After performing the session 8 times look to change things up to prevent your progress stagnating.

Tried it? I’d love to hear from you! Let me know how you found it.