Example 01


Aaron Breckell

“Being in fantastic shape doesn’t make you a great trainer, but it should certainly be a by-product of one. By putting what I preach across this website into practice, I’ve seen physical and mental changes that many can only dream of. All of the information is here, its just down to you with what you do with it…”

Example 02



“A year ago I was skipping meals, doing no exercise and not very happy within myself. Since working with Aaron, training regularly and eating better I’m in a completely different place. If I can do it, YOU can too!”

Example 03



“After a constant struggle to sustain a consistent, effective regime. Which in turn led to a distinct lack of motivation, I was fortunate enough to meet Aaron. Apart from his immense passion and vast knowledge base he shows a deep interest in your personal goals. Under his guidance and instruction I have achieved significant fat loss and muscle tone in just 12 weeks, the effect of which stretches far beyond the physical. ABC maximises potential and pushes boundaries.”

Example 04



“Fed up of being skinny and having no shape to my body it was time to take action. The training, nutritional and supplementation knowledge from ABC allowed me to gain significant lean body mass whilst keeping my body fat percent down.”

Example 05



“Whilst living an unhealthy lifestyle during my first year of University my body fat soared to 26%. I felt it was time to take action. ABC’s training and nutrition principles have enabled me to develop a leaner physique whilst building muscle mass, in a way that fits into my lifestyle. Aaron is a fantastic trainer and without him I would certainly be nowhere near the 10% body fat that I am today!”

Example 06



“Being a fire fighter is a very demanding job. I have to be prepared, mentally and physically for any call. Every day is different and challenges my body in a new way. I needed to transform my body and add some lean muscle fast. I contacted Aaron and he was very keen to help. He designed me programs and gave me practical advice on which supplements to take. Within 5 weeks I could see a big difference already. I added lean muscle quickly and my strength rocketed. I’m more confident in life and my performance at work has improved. I look forward to future progress and would recommend ABC to anyone who is serious about reaching there goals.”

Example 07



“The ABC workout programmes and nutritional advice allowed to me to significantly drop my body fat whilst retaining my lean mass. What’s more, I achieved my goals in just 12 weeks without spending hours in the gym and having to sacrifice my social life.”

Example 08



“Growing up I was always the tall skinny guy until I discovered ABC fit. The easy to digest and highly informative information that was provided made gaining lean muscle easy and effective. Aarons burning desire to help others and provide solid and good quality knowledge motivates me to give my everything every time I step foot in the gym. Without ABC fit my current physique simply wouldn’t exist.”

Example 09



“I’ve been training and following the principles of the ABC plan for a few months now. No quick fixes here or fad diets, it’s a lifestyle change that’s realistic and therefore easy to maintain. Aaron is extremely motivating and it’s clear he’s incredibly passionate about helping his clients achieve their goals. Thanks to him I’m leaner, stronger and fitter while still being able to have wine at the weekend. Winner!”

Example 10



“Aaron is an inspirational trainer. His patience, skill and understanding has enabled me to lose fat, feel younger and live a healthier, happier life. The ABC training technique is easy to understand and inspires confidence and self belief. I am now training at a level I would of not thought possible a few months ago.”

Example 11



“Aaron is an excellent trainer – motivational, professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of health, exercise and nutrition. Aaron provided expert advice and I was extremely pleased with the results over a seven month period. I would not hesitate to recommend Aaron no matter what level your current fitness. Aaron has introduced me to a whole new way of training and continues to show and coach new and interesting exercises.”

Example 12



“I have been working with Aaron for a while now. He has extensive knowledge of the workings of the body, it’s systems and how to make them more efficient. Added to that his invaluable advice on diet and nutrition make for the complete package. Beginning and continuing a regular training programme with Aaron has bought about the long sought after, but until now, illusive lifestyle change I needed. My health, sense of well being and mental agility have been transformed. Despite an easy manner, Aaron has bought about prestigious results in just 10 weeks. I could not recommend him more!”

Example 13



“I’ve been training with Aaron for the past eight months and during that time he has been very supportive and understanding of my goals. As a trainer he is highly motivating and engaging, don’t get me wrong he works me hard and pushes me to my limits, but his sessions are very enjoyable and I look forward to them each week. He has given me a lot of confidence and has shown me how to fit the gym into my lifestyle to help me get to and maintain my goals.”

Example 14



“Having been advised that I needed to undergo surgery for knee resurfacing , I didn’t want to see this an excuse to get out of shape. The great thing about working with Aaron is that he kept me on track throughout the whole process and ensured that I never deviated from the plan. Aaron has an incredibly comprehensive knowledge, not only of the physical workings of the body, but also the importance of diet and nutrition, an area often neglected. I could not recommend Aaron highly enough and contribute a large part of my amazing recovery and ability to stay in shape throughout the whole recovery period to the programme he devised for me.”