Quit These Dumb Habits If You Want Serious Results


Goals this week: Quit these DUMB habits!

Especially if you want serious results anytime soon.

Seriously if I had £1 for every time someone I know was guilty of one of the habits below I’d be very wealthy. I could quit work and holiday at least 6 times per year. Probably buy that new car I’m after too. 

So seriously pack them in if you want results for life.


1: Yo-yoing – Quit yo-yoing with your diet and workout plan. Quite often this becomes seasonal. For example new year or in the run up to your summer holiday. Whilst it’s good to occasionally have a big push, try not to become one of these individuals that’s either on or off. Get consistent with consistency for the most effective results.

2: Fad finding – News flash! There is no secret. There is no magic pill or potion that will get you to the results you desire so quit searching for one. We all know that one person that’s constantly raving about the latest fad only to give up in the not,so distant future when it doesn’t work out from them (See point one). Educate yourself around the fundamentals of achieving your goals and stick to them.

3: Striving for perfection – Nothing will ever be perfect, so don’t expect it to be. I’ve always said a diet stuck to 80% of the time for one year will always trump a diet stuck to 100% of the time for 6 weeks. If you mess up, miss a workout or snack because you’re in a certain situation that’s stressing you out, that’s ok. Don’t panic. Just get back on it at the next most suitable opportunity.

4: Worrying about what others are doing – Don’t worry about if your best pal is doing keto or marathon training or whatever it is. Focus on yourself and what your goals are. Worrying about what others are doing will only distract you from what you should be doing.

5: Procrastinating – Don’t be the person that procrastinates so hard they end up going nowhere. I don’t care if you want to follow my Lean Body Academy workouts, The body coach’s 90 daysss or the James Smith Academy. Just make a choice, stick to it and see if it works. (FYI mines obviously the best). My advice would be to make smart, educated choices and stick to your guns. Remember if you need help drop me an email here!