Quick Exercise Tips For Fat Loss


There always has, and always will be outrageous exercise methods for fat loss that don’t work. Let’s look beyond that today, here’s some practical and successful exercise tips for fat loss that you can implement into your next workout.

Train With Weights
Among the fat loss crowd that spend hours plodding away on a treadmill, there seems to be this misconception that training with weights is stupid because it will make you have big muscles. In fact, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look at the diagram below.

Tips for fat loss

The two circles represent a before/after cross section through a limb. Notice how the after diagram has more lean muscle and less fat, but the circumference size is actually smaller. The reason we want to promote, or at least maintain lean muscle is because it’s metabolically active. Meaning it will burn calories even when at rest. An extra 1lb of muscle (about the size of a golf ball) could burn up to an extra 50kcal per day.

Use Compound Exercises
Compound exercises/multi-joint exercises recruit more muscle mass than an isolation exercise. This means you’ll burn more calories. More calories burnt, means more fat lost.

Do Full Body Workouts
Full body workouts will burn more calories than your typical single body part split workouts.

Rest For 30-60 Secs Between Exercises 
Short rest periods will keep your heart rate elevated, meaning you’ll burn more calories and increase your resting metabolic rate. Short rest periods will also have more favourable hormonal response for fat loss.

Do Strong Man Inspired Training
Strong man style exercises such as tyre flips, sled drags, sled pushes and farmers walks are all successful fat loss training tools. They recruit lots of muscle mass, meaning you’ll burn plenty of calories. They challenge your cardiovascular system, making them a big “bang for your buck” exercise. You’ll improve your strength and they’re satisfyingly fun to do.


High intensity interval training requires you to go “all out” for an extended period of time, followed by a period of recovery, before repeating the fast interval again. You only really need to do this protocol for 20-30 minutes to see some fantastic results. Combine your resistance exercises with some HIIT and you’ll increase your resting metabolic rate for up to 48 hours post session. That’s what we call maximising your returns on investment!

Sprints are one of the easiest ways to lose fat. They work great with an interval protocol and you don’t need any equipment to perform them.

Train At Least Three Times Per Week
If each of your workouts elevates your metabolic rate for 48 hours post session, then 3×48 hours basically covers your entire week. To really maximise your results try aiming for 4-5 sessions a week.