Peanut Butter And Banana Acai Bowl


Allow me to introduce the acai bowl! The smoothie that you can eat with a spoon has been taking the fitness world by storm recently. You’ve probably seen them knocking around on social media. Try this peanut butter and banana acai bowl as a boost at brunch or as a snack during the day. Despite this bowl containing a variety of healthy ingredients, the real magic is in the power of the acai berry. Considered as one of the top superfoods, these berries have powerful anti-oxidant properties as well as displaying a superb micronutrient profile. The fibre found in the skins of the acai berry can also aid digestion greatly. Take a look below for the ingredients and nutritional info.

Acai bowl

Ingredients (makes one bowl)
1 tablespoon of acai powder
100g frozen mixed berries
1 banana
200g natural yogurt
1 tablespoon of peanut butter
40g low sugar granola

Nutritional info
KCAL – 598.9
P – 25.1g
C – 74.9g
F – 22.1g

Simply mix your acai powder, frozen berries, banana, yoghurt and peanut butter in a blender until smooth. Pour half of the blended mixture into a bowl, then cover with 20g of granola. Pour the rest of your mixture over the top of the granola then finish by layering the rest of your granola over the top. Top the bowl with a few chopped banana slices and berries, then tuck in.