Monday’s – 3 Reasons They Suck And How To Make Yours Awesome Again


Another mundane Monday morning. The alarm fires off like a screeching hungry newborn with a messy nappy in your ear and you reluctantly reach out to switch it off. “Just five more minutes” you wish, but no you have to drag yourself out of bed and attack Monday with the drive of a sluggish zombie. Sound familiar? If it does, don’t worry you’re not alone. Oftentimes the behaviours and habits you adopt over the weekend have a profound effect on how you feel come Monday morning. Take a look below for three reasons your Monday’s suck and most importantly how you can switch it on its head so Monday’s become the strongest day of your week. Dare I say it, a day you actually look forward to.

Do your Monday's suck?

Motivation Is Lacking
What’s your training goals? What’s your career goals? What’s your life goals? You’d be surprised how many people have a vague goal in mind, but nothing specific. Your goals should be clear, motivational and SMART.

S – specific
M – measurable
A – achievable
R – realistic
T – time-bound

“I want to lose 6lb for my wedding on 25th September” is a great example. “I want to lose some weight” is not. I always recommend my clients to write their SMART goal out by hand. I swear the very act of putting pen to paper makes it feel “real”, more personal and makes you more accountable. Once on paper, place it somewhere prominent you’ll regularly see it for a constant reminder about why you’re doing what you’re doing. Focus on your SMART goal with laser guided focus and as you get closer to achievement you’ll be leaping out of bed each morning to chase it.

Poor Weekend Sleeping Patterns
I’m generalising here, but for many individuals weekend sleeping patterns are completely different from the weekdays. Late nights, lie-ins and naps! Three nights in a row of post-midnight bedtimes and lie-ins until midday, yes you may feel like you deserve it after a tough week, but by doing this you’re essentially sleeping in a different time zone and simulating jet lag come Monday morning. That might explain why Monday mornings are such drag for you. With fear of sounding like your nagging parents, and telling you to make sure you get to bed on time, being a little more sensible with weekend bedtimes will go a long way. If you do have the odd late night on the weekend, try not to sleep in too late the following morning as it will only make it worse.

Weekend Binge Eating
Along with sketchy sleeping patterns, the weekends can also mean socialising with excess food and drink. On a hormonal level this is usually accompanied by multiple spikes and dumps in insulin over the weekend. These energy crashes are enough on their own to make you feel like a train crash on a Monday morning. Add a little alcohol into the mix, some dehydration and it only exacerbates things further. Whilst I’m all up for a certain degree of flexibility within the nutritional plan, the weekends shouldn’t be seen as a free pass to binge. The more we restrict ourselves from something, the more we want it right? It’s human nature. If you’re in a position where you have an uncontainable urge to binge on the weekends, you may need to address your restrictive eating patterns during Monday to Friday.