Homemade Breakfast Wrap


Ready for a banging breakfast?

This is proof yet again that by making smarter choices and portion controlling you can end up with a decent meal under 500kcal, bursting with a balance of all macronutrients.

Let’s be honest who doesn’t enjoy a good breakfast wrap? Especially on the weekend, the morning after (the night before)! These homemade breakfast wraps will keep you away from the fast food joints, and keep you closer to achieving your body composition goals.

Breakfast wrap

Ingredients (to make one wrap)
1 wholemeal tortilla
1 organic bacon rasher (fat trimmed off)
2 medium free range eggs
20g organic, mature cheddar cheese
1 teaspoon coconut oil
15g “natural” ketchup

Nutritional Info (per wrap)
KCAL – 497.1
P – 33.4g
C – 29g
F – 27.5g

Here’s some important things to keep in mind when prepping your wraps for breakfast – The bacon rasher should be grilled with the fat trimmed off. The eggs should be scrambled, using the coconut oil to cook with. And lastly if you don’t know what “natural” ketchup is, google it. It will change your life. No more sugary crap!