Getting Lean By Any Greens Necessary


Are you willing to get lean by any means, or should I say greens, necessary? It sounds counter intuitive, but could really eating more of something help get you leaner, faster? The answer, provided you’re in a calorie deficit, is absolutely yes! Here’s three ways why eating more greens can help you get results faster.

They’re Energy Sparse
In 100g of spinach there’s just 23kcal. On the contrary, take 100g of potato which contains 77kcals! And then compare 100g of each of these foods in terms of size. 100g of spinach is a hell of a lot of spinach! You can see the difference in terms of how easy it would be to create a calorie deficit if we just simply focused on eating more greens. Because they are so energy sparse you can really fill up on them and not have to worry too much about consuming a calorie surplus.

Full Of Fibre
If you do fill up on greens it could also have a satiating effect as a result of the fibre often found in them. This means you’ll eat less overall during the day. Whilst this won’t get you lean by tomorrow, this small effect compounds over the weeks and months for some really impressive results.

Vitamin Power House
Amongst an array of vitamins and minerals, it’s well known greens contain a strong punch of vitamin C. Whilst not directly helping you get lean, vitamin C is important for immune strength and function. Why is a strong immune system good for fat loss? Well how many times have you been wiped out with cold or flu, been forced to stop training and as a result binged on crap foods to make you feel better? Yeah exactly. This is why keeping your defences up can help you in the long run.


So now you know why eating greens can help you, let’s delve into some proven strategies to make eating more easier. These strategies form part of the methods I get my online personal training clients seeing and feeling a difference within a matter of weeks.

Sink A Smoothie
Make it part of your daily routine to drink a greens smoothie. Pack it full of spinach, kale, broccoli with some fruits. Really go in!

The Hand Rule
With each meal it a rule to include a hand sized portion of greens. If you’re having 3-5 meals per day this should easily see you consuming a decent amount of greens.

Green Snacks
Look at snacking on greens. Some classic examples are kale chips, edamame beans and asparagus fries with a dip. Get creative and get exploring.