Counteracting 21st Century Shoulders


Living in the 21st century amongst cars, desk jobs, computers, mobile phones, sofas in front of the TV and heavy chest pressing in the gym etc. Means we all tend to live in the front of the shoulder capsule. A forward rounding shoulder appearance is all to common these days. I call this peril 21st century shoulders. Now I’ve tried many different techniques to try and correct this and improve my own posture, but nothing has been more effective than the kettlebell shoulder capsule reset.

What You’ll Need
An 8-12kg kettlebell and a medium thickness resistance band.

How To Do It
It’s quite a complicated set up, but once you get it right it’ll work wonders!

-Lying on your back, Use the jump stretch band to get a lateral distraction of the shoulder joint.

-Press the kettlebell into the sky (like a chest press) and hold it in position. I like to use my free arm to steady my working arm.

-Drive your hips up off the floor, as you do this you’ll feel your scapular move out of the way and your shoulder drop back, then return your hips to the floor.

-Hang out in this position for at least two minutes to see some change. You can also internally/externally rotate your arm to encourage improved range of motion with your shoulder in a better position.

kb shoulder mob

Why it works
The resistance band gently opens up the shoulder joint. Whilst the weight of the kettlebell drives the shoulder back into the socket into an optimal position. You’ll see improvements from this after just 2 minutes. However for long term change make this drill part of your weekly routine.

Test/re-test, and no more 21st century shoulders!

21st century shoulders