Cliff Notes For Success (By People You Should Listen To)


Success – that’s why you’re here right? Ultimately you want to achieve a body composition or fitness goal and improve your life in doing so. As a coach I see myself as an individual that’s here to facilitate that success.

Something I personally find really powerful is listening to and getting in the heads of individuals that have achieved success in a particular field that I’m also interested in seeing success in.

So instead of me giving you my cliff notes to success, I’ve done one better.

I’ve taken a small selection of some of my most successful clients from my 1-1 and online personal training business and asked them to sum up what it takes to be successful in a couple of sentences. What’s more, they’ve all been extremely successful with their own careers – quotes from the list below come from CEO’s, doctors, actors and many more! You’ll notice many of them cross over, which is by no means a coincidence.

Cliff notes for success

The Cliff Notes

“Consistency with result producing tasks. Plus variation within a workout routine is key.”

“Self belief, determination and adaptation. Those three attributes will see success in anything.”

“Stay focused and don’t be afraid to ask for help.”

“Success starts with defining what success actually means to you.”

“Succcess come from results. Results comes from consistency!”

“Set aside time for workouts each week and in that time be focused on one thing – your workout!”

“You’d better ask someone who’s been successful.” (Joking obviously, which is ironic because this individual has been very successful. Maybe there’s a deeper meaning here? Never be satisfied. Keep chasing and stay hungry for more success).

“The why – if the reason why you’re doing what you’re doing is a strong enough motivator, success will come.”

“Determination and drive makes things much easier.”

Once you’ve read them, have a think about your own cliff notes. Are you sticking by them?