Chicken And Goats Cheese Salad


Burn fat and build muscle with this chicken and goats cheese salad. Simple, elegant and tastes great!

Chicken And Goats Cheese Salad
Why goats cheese? Goats cheese contains less lactose than cows milk and cheese, making it easier to digest. It’s lower in calories than cheddar and packs sufficient protein. It also contains more vitamin D, K and niacin than cheddar, making it a better cheese choice.

1 grilled chicken breast
30g goats cheese
4 cherry tomatoes
50g spinach
15ml olive oil
Sprinkle of black pepper

Nutritional info
Kcal – 339.8
P – 33.5g
C – 4.2g
F – 21g

With the amount of ingredients listed, it makes a perfect serving for one and works well in a lunch box to be eaten on the go. On a final note, if your goals require a higher carbohydrate content, why not try adding some quinoa or brown rice.