Could CBD Oil Play A Role In Improving Body Composition?


It’s astounding to think that in 2 years time the global market for CBD laced products is set to stand at around $22 billion! If you haven’t heard of it, maybe now is the time to listen up. It may prove to be just the supplement you need to maximise your results and improve your health and well-being. 

So what is it? Cannabidiol, or CBD is one of the many chemical entities found in the cannabis sativa plant. CBD’s ever-increasing popularity lies in the fact that it claims to be non-psychoactive so consumers can reap the health benefits of the cannabis plant without the “high”, or the midnight munchies!

CBD oil

As I sit here and write this, it’s a big day for cannabis in the uk. Two medicines (Epidiolex and Sativex) derived from the plant have been recommended for use on the NHS for the first time. Mainly for severe epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, but it’s clear the health benefits and medicinal properties of the plant are becoming apparent.

People have used CBD oil for thousands of years for its medicinal and health properties. So let’s take a look at some of the noted benefits:

Pain Relief
One of the biggest set backs (second to nutrition) I’d argue is injuries. Injuries and pain can certainly hold us back in terms of training in the gym and progressing. Research suggests that using CBD oil can help to manage pain and reduce inflammation. Meaning you can move better and perform more optimally. This could also have implications for improved recovery from post-workout muscle soreness and inflammation. 

One survey indicates that there are some 6 million people living in the UK with an anxiety disorder or depression. One of the main targets of CBD in the body is the serotonin receptor which is largely responsible for things like reducing anxiety. Many users have claimed to have noticed an improvement in just a few weeks after taking the oil. I suppose you’re thinking “what does anxiety and depression have to do with burning fat or building muscle?”. The answer is simple – anxiety and depression attacks are potential speed bumps on your road to success. They could prevent you from training or eating to your best. CBD oil may just be the steam roller you need to flatten that speed bump allowing to keep swiftly moving forwards.

Sleep can help us recover from our workouts faster and create a more optimal hormonal environment for a leaner, stronger body. Many CBD oil users claim to experience a deeper more relaxed sleep. It was also noted as a side effect of the Epidiolex trials for treatment of epilepsy that subjects felt drowsy. This however could have been an interaction with other medications that the subjects were taking to control seizures. Currently there seems to be no placebo-controlled, double blind trials on the effects of sleep and CBD oil.

You’ll notice many of these noted benefits won’t directly get you in better shape. But as a byproduct they could help through various other pathways.

So where do we finish? How can I sum this all up? 

Bottom line, this topic as a whole needs a lot more research. Most of what we’re analysing here is looking at peoples experiences versus the actual facts and studies. There may be another force at play which is why people are experiencing these benefits and that force is – the placebo effect. But with promising research coming through, CBD oil may well prove to be a useful tool to have in your supplement armoury on your quest for improved body composition.