Practical Carb Tips For A Leaner Body You Must Know


Carbohydrates are king! when it comes to changing your body, carbs are almost always manipulated. Some cycle carbs, having a few low carb days followed by a ‘carb up’ day. Some carb backload, having carbs only after their workout and some eradicate carbs all together! A lot of the fad diets that seem to come in and out of fashion involve some sort of carb manipulation as well. But what if I said I know five rules you can abide by that means you’ll be in great shape all year round and won’t need to worry about flaffing around with carbs six weeks before your summer holiday to Ibiza or Marbella. You’d probably want in right? Well here you go….

carb tips for a leaner body

Skip Carbs At Breakfast
Carbs release serotonin, a calming neurotransmitter. Not a great way to start your day I’m sure you’ll agree. Does the phrase “carb coma” ring any bells? A combination of protein and healthy fats for breakfast will allow for a gradual rise in blood sugar levels right up until lunch. You’ll also feel more alert all morning. If you want a serious carb-free start to the day, try the Charles Poliquin inspired meat and nuts breakfast.

Carbs In The Evening Are Ok
Leading on from my last point a small portion of carbs in the evening is perfectly ok. The media will have you believe this is a cardinal sin. However, they will help you sleep. A better nights sleep means you’ll recover faster from exercise, lose fat faster, gain muscle quicker and feel better. However, carbs immediately pre-bed is a bad idea as it could negativly effect your natural release of human growth hormone.

Choose The Right Carbs For The Right Situation
Throughout the day you want to stick to low GI carbs. These will ensure a constant blood sugar level. However after your workout opt for a higher GI carb. The sharp rise in blood sugar levels post-workout will deliver a big insulin spike which will shuttle nutrients and glycogen back into your tired muscles, helping you recover faster.

Earn Your Carbs
If you live by this simple rule you’ll never need to “diet” ever again. It would be quite possible to keep a lean body all year round. The rule means exactly what it says, if you train hard you’ve earned those carbs so eat them!

For Weight Loss Avoid Inflammatory Grains
If your main goal is fat loss, avoiding carbs all together probably isn’t the best tactic. Avoiding inflammatory grains, however is a good way forward. These include white rice, pasta, white breads and white flour. These refined grains cause a rise in blood sugar and insulin. Imagine this happening every time you eat! Excess insulin in your body not only promotes the storage of body fat, but it also activates enzymes that promote the production of inflammatory messengers. This is bad news for not only your fitness goals but also your health.