The Boeing 787 Back Workout


Build a back with lats as wide as a Boeing 787 and learn to fly with this size-building back workout!

Despite not being one of the “mirror muscles” that gets attention, a V-tapered, detailed upper back can make or break a physique. It can create the illusion of one being bigger than he/she actually is. I’ve put this effective back workout together with one main goal in mind. That is to add width to the lats, creating the V-tapered look. We can achieve this largely by opting for wide grips on exercises such as pull ups and rows.

Back workout

The session begins with wide grip pull ups – The staple exercise for adding upper back mass and width. It then moves onto a tri-set, this is three exercises performed back to back in circuit fashion. This places the lats under some savage time under tension, opening them up to new levels of muscle growth. Finally we finish with heavy rack pulls. This is a great way to strengthen the glutes, upper and lower back (you’ll need this strength to help cart around those Boeing wings that you’ve built under your arms). It’s simple, yet very effective. Are you ready? Ok let’s go!

The Workout

1: Wide grip pull up | 1 x ladder method* | 2010 | 45 seconds rest
2A: Seated wide grip seated cable row | 3 x 10-12 | 4010 | 10 seconds rest
2B: Close grip lat pull down | 3 x 10-12 | 3010 | 10 seconds rest
2C: Dumbell pull overs | 3 x 12-15 | 3110 | 90 seconds rest
3: Rack pulls | 4 x 4-6 | 2010 | 90 seconds rest

*Ladder method – add a rep each consecutive set, working up to 7 and then back to 1. Rest 45 seconds between each set. For example:

Set 1 – 1 rep
Set 2 – 2 reps
Set 3 – 3 reps
Set 4 – 4 reps
Set 5 – 5 reps
Set 6 – 6 reps
Set 7 – 7 reps
Set 8 – 6 rep
Set 9 – 5 reps
Set 10 – 4 reps
Set 11 – 3 reps
Set 12 – 2 reps
Set 13 – 1 reps

Perform the back workout once per week for 4-6 consecutive weeks, before switching it up for something else. Strive for progression through lifting more weight each week. It doesn’t have to be big increases, 1-2kg’s is fine.

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