Banana Pecan Overnight Oats


Overnight oats could just well be your answer to a speedy pre-made, tasty breakfast. Overnight oats are simply just oats soaked in liquid and left in the fridge overnight. They take a maximum of ten minutes to put together and you could have an extra twenty minutes in bed the following morning. Sounds perfect right? Give these banana pecan overnight oats a go.

Banana pecan overnight oats

Ingredients (makes one serving)
30g plain rolled oats
50ml semi skimmed milk
50g Greek yoghurt
Small handful of pecans
1/4 medium sized banana
1g chia seeds
Drop of vanilla essence

Nutritional Info
KCAL – 291.8
P – 13.5g
C – 32g
F – 12.2g

The great thing about overnight oats is you can make a single serving for one or make multiple batches to feed the whole family. If you’re currently looking at consuming a calorie rich diet for lean mass gains, feel free to simply double the ingredient list above.

To make, you’ll need an airtight container or jam jar to start. Place your oats, milk, yoghurt, chia seeds and a few crushed pecans into your container. Give the mix a good stir, before putting the lid on and placing it into the fridge. Here comes the easy part, leave in the fridge to set for at least six hours overnight and in the morning you’ll have a delicious serving of overnight oats ready to go! In the morning you can top with a few more pecans and some chopped banana just like I did. It’s also worth nothing, the ingredients listed above creates a fairly thick mix. If you wanted a more runny texture, simply add a splash more milk.