How To Avoid Temptations On A Fat Loss Diet Plan


Chances are you’ve been there. Your fat loss diet plan is going ace. You’re seeing results from it. And most importantly you’re enjoying it. And then seemingly out of nowhere a temptation shows up to screw it all up.

Now giving into these temptations, whether it’s food or drink, isn’t a bad thing and once in a while won’t do too much damage, the issue however lies in when these temptations accumulate up over the days and weeks or just result in one all out binge! In these circumstances that’s where temptations need to be avoided. So here’s some strategies on how to do so.

Temptations on a fat loss diet plan

Understand Your Temptations 
What breaks you? Is it alcohol? Chocolate? Sweets? Whatever it is, it’s very important you know and understand what your vices are. Sometimes these could be things you’re completely unaware and oblivious too, so get thinking!

Do Your Best To Avoid Situations That Lead To Temptations
If you know heading to the pub with Dave for one drink always ends up in absolute carnage, avoid going to the pub with Dave! I’m not saying don’t see Dave, perhaps just choose a different thing to do with Dave. You get what I’m saying right? Do your best to avoid situations that lead to temptations.

Don’t Put Temptations In Front Of Yourself
This is much like the carrot in front of the donkey. Except you feed the donkey the carrot. Do your best to avoid putting temptations right in front of your face whilst trying to follow a fat loss diet plan. Keep your vices out of sight and/or don’t buy them and bring them into the home to begin with.

Occupy Yourself
Ever heard the old saying “idle hands are the devils playthings”? There’s some truth to this. Keep yourself busy with various tasks and you shouldn’t find yourself in a position of boredom where temptations may arise.

Visualise Yourself Resisting Temptation
Visualisation can be a powerful tool! You see if you visualise something happening you can almost trick your subconscious into thinking it has happened/you can actually do it. Try it some time…