6 Simple Summer Food Prep Tips


Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a full time chef working for you, food prep is essential for keeping you on track for fast, sustainable results. Learning to prep is a skill that requires self discipline and constant adaptation. With the arrival of summer comes a sudden urge for ice cream, beer gardens and parties. It’s easy to see how food prep gets forgotten about. That’s why I’ve had a brainstorm and come up with some simple food prep tips to keep you on track this summer.

Master food prep this summer

Learn To Love BBQ Leftovers
Despite the negative connotations that come with your typical BBQ (piles of food and alcohol), with some smarter choices you can make them work in your favour. For example, stick to the lean meats and salads. Stereotypically people tend to go “all out” at BBQs and cook way too much food. Instead of wasting it, keep what you can in the fridge. You can then use it create meals for the next few days. You can even cunningly throw a few more chicken breasts on the BBQ and put them to one side ready to be used for later meals.

Cook 3-4 Meals Once Per Day
I’ve never been a fan of batch cooking meals for an entire week. It might make you look “super dedicated” but I just don’t think it’s the way forward. By the time you get to day seven, the meals will taste foul and un-fresh. I am however a fan of cooking 3-4 meals in one go. This could either be at breakfast, which would sort you out for the entire day. Or with the evening meal which would sort you out for the following day.

Invest In Some New Kitchen Utensils
Is it perhaps time to invest in some new kitchen utensils that can create more exciting dishes and make food prep easier? Some great examples are spiralizers, juicers and vegetable choppers. All of these things with give you some inspiration for different meals to try and help save time spent prepping food.

Buy Your Meat In Bulk
This point can obviously be adhered too all year round, but summer is a great time to take advantage if buying meat in bulk. Having a selection of meats available in the freezer is a smart choice. Most supermarkets stock up on their meat selection for the BBQ season, so they’ll be plenty to choose from. They often have offers on too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for deals. You’ll also be able to get some good deals at the wholesalers.

Buy Disposable Tupperware Boxes And cutlery
This is getting to the extreme of trying to save absolutely any time possible now. I’ll be honest, it requires a bit of disposable income. But buying disposable Tupperware boxes and cutlery and simply throwing them away after use will save on washing up time and allow more free time for other things that come up during the summer months.

Invest In A Large Water Jug
Hydration is really important and one of the easiest habits to fix. During the summer with the increased temperature it becomes even more vital. A large water jug or bottle (1.5-2L) is a great option if you find it difficult keeping on top of your hydration each day. Filling up a large bottle at the start of the day and carrying it around with you will really help.