4 Things I Never Leave The House Without


Spectacles, testicles, wallet and watch.

Haha… Joking! But below I have included a short list of things that I never leave the house without that make staying focused and achieving my goals much, much easier. You might carry the same things, or you may want to consider some if you don’t. You may even have some of your own, in which case I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.

GoalsWater Bottle
Staying hydrated is a must for any health/fitness goals and for just general well being. I always aim (and encourage my clients to aim) for 0.033L x bodyweight in kg = L per day.

For example if you weigh 80kg.

0.033L x 80kg = 2.6L per day.

Carrying a water bottle around with you everywhere you go will make hitting your hydration goals much easier. And don’t just use a plastic Evian bottle or something of the like. Invest in a quality bottle, I really like The Gym Keg and even the little bottle Lululemon do. Purchasing a decent bottle will again just give that extra incentive to look after it, and use it.

Apple Watch
I still can’t believe when the opportunity came about I was hesitant about buying an Apple Watch. I use it for so much during my everyday life and work for things like timing rests between exercises, timing exercises, phone calls, checking messages on the go and ofcourse telling the time. I personally don’t use it for things like heart rate monitoring during workouts, or daily step counting. But if you’re goals did require that there’s no reason why you couldn’t. Both of these being great motivators if your goals revolve around movement and moving more.

A Meal/Snack
…Or at the very least an idea of when and where my next meal will be! Going out without this in mind will almost always result in missing meals or consuming rubbish foods purely for convenience. If you do this too often you can kiss achieving your goals goodbye. Some ideas you may find useful is to perhaps keep a small tub of nuts in your bag to have as a snack, or keeping a protein bar in your pocket etc. If your next meal is at a restaurant, scope out the menu before hand and make a smarter choice before you even sit down to order.

Ofcourse there’s a mobile phone on the list. Who isn’t within arms reach of a phone these days? For me, my phone has become much more than just a device to send and receive comms from friends. It’s also become a fundamental instrument to my business. Particularly for things like making social media posts and communicating with my 1-1 and online personal training clients alike. I would also use my myfitnesspal on my phone as a simple solution to track my calorie and macronutrient goals on the go. In my experience those that track their food are far more consistent with their eating plan and results than those who do not.