4 Lessons From Indoor Climbing That Will Help You Be Successful


How powerful and humbling to look back and reflect on your life’s experiences and understand what those experiences have taught you. This week I wanted to share 4 very important lessons I learnt from indoor climbing that will help you be successful with your health and fitness goals. Make it your mission this week to have a deeper look at your own hobbies and life experience and come to terms with what they’ve taught you and how it applies to other factors in your life. Perhaps even make them part of your values to live by.

Indoor climbing

Lesson #1 – You’re Only As Strong As Your Weakest Link
What are your weak links? Indoor climbing definitely showed up mine. Most notably grip strength and core stability. Correcting these issues led to not only improved indoor climbing performance, but performances in all aspects of my life. I even noticed I could play guitar for longer without fatiguing as fast with better grip strength.

Lesson #2 – Persistence Leads To Success
If at first you don’t succeed, pick yourself up and try again! And again if you need to. Indoor climbing uses different routes, each ones varies in technical ability, strength mastery and mental focus. If you can’t quite complete one, if you keep trying you’ll eventually crack it. Perhaps try something different next time. How often do we do this with our health and fitness goals if they’re not going to plan?

Lesson #3 – Think Before You Do
Before you tackle a route, it pays dividends to take a step back and think about what you’re actually up against first. Do this with your health and fitness goals too. Have a plan and stick to it! If it doesn’t work the first time around, see lesson #2.

Lesson #4 – Choose Your Acquaintances Wisely
The people you hang with (quite literally in this case) will either level you up, or level you down. When I go indoor climbing with individuals that are motivated and/or better than me, I find it makes me want to do better. This is the case in life too. As the old adage goes “you are the fifth of your fourth best friends”. Are the people in your circle levelling you up or levelling you down?