4 Lessons I Learnt From Surfing That Will Help You Be Successful


I’ve always been interested in surfing from an early age. It all started when my parents used to take us down to Cornwall for the summer. It wasn’t however until the last 24 months though that I’ve made much more of a conscious effort to get out on the board at least 3-4 times per year.

I’m not all about “cowabunga” and “like totally rad man” either. For me I just love being out in the ocean, learning a new skill and facing new challenges.


Here’s four lessons I’ve learnt, that cross over nicely into what it takes to be successful with your goals.

Lesson #1 – Waves Are Relentless, So Are Challenges
The amount of times I’ve been wiped out by a wave, pinned under the water and when I finally get back up to the surface the next wave is literally breaking on top of you again. There’s no let up, they’re relentless. They don’t care about you at all. And what a great analogy for challenges in life. You always need to be ready to work and fight back no matter what comes your way.

Lesson #2 – It’s Not About The Gear, Its About Strategy And Action
You could literally rock up with a £1500 surf board and a £500 wetsuit, but if you haven’t got the right strategy or action, you can’t surf. On the contrary you could have a £100 soft-top board, no wetsuit (and god forbid – no trunks!) and with the right strategy and action surf every wave you see. How many individuals do you know that buy all the latest gym gear, but train like a lazy sloth or skip workouts? The nickname “all show, no go” comes to mind. Get your strategy and action in place first, execute it and then top it off with all the nice little extras.

Lesson #3 – Practise Makes Perfect
Surfing is a skill. So is burning fat. So is building muscle. So is working out effectively. So is meal prep. So is sleeping. Like with any skill, the more you practise and refine it the better you become at it.

Lesson #4 – Community Spirit Keeps You Engaged
The surfing community are a friendly bunch (on the whole anyway). Other surfers ask you things like:

“How’s it going?”

“How was your session?”

“Is this your first time at this break?”

“Dude, that wipeout was gnarly! Are you ok?”

It makes you feel welcome and part of something big and keeps you focused. Exactly the same thing goes for your support network around you – Your friends and family etc. Tell them what goals you want to achieve and how important it is to you. Hopefully they’ll understand and support you. It makes all the difference.