3 Things Training One Of The Worlds BIGGEST YouTubers Taught Me


The best part about my job for me has to be the fact its given me an opportunity to work with hundreds of different people of all ages, shapes, sizes and professions. One of many clients I’ve been lucky enough to help and work with is none other than Ali A, one of the worlds BIGGEST gaming Youtubers. With a growing subscribers list of over 16 million people worldwide and a total views count of over 4 billon, I think it’s safe to say he’s a YouTuber to watch out for!

As a coach I learn things from training all clients, but the things I’ve learned from Ali are definitely worth sharing. So here’s three things I’ve learned from training Ali A:

Ali A Youtuber

1) There shouldn’t be a “stereotypical age limit” on asking for help with your goals.
Stereotypically any guy in his 20’s knows best – especially in the gym. In actual fact it doesn’t matter on your age or training experience you can always learn more and progress faster by asking for help with your goals. If you feel like you could do with help for your goals I urge you to ask a professional.Whether thats from me or another coach, just don’t be afraid or embarrassed to take action.

2) Progress can be made following a vegan diet.
For those that don’t know, Ali eats a vegan diet. And prior to working with Ali I hadn’t worked with anyone strictly vegan before. Despite many claiming it’s too hard to eat enough protein, I’ve learnt with careful planning and prep you can still eat a strong, balanced diet to support your goals.

3) Being a successful YouTuber isn’t quite as easy as you might think.
(If you’re an aspiring YouTuber listen up!) I’ll be the first to admit I thought how hard can it be? Upload a video. Sit back, relax and watch the views rack up right? But in reality the sheer amount of time and effort that actually goes into creating content for your channel and building your subs shouldn’t be overlooked! Be prepared for long late nights spent in front of a computer screen editing, networking and growing your fan base.