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Tuna Mayo Jacket Potato

By 31st March 2015Nutrition

Tuna Mayo Jacket Potato

Ah, the classic tuna mayo jacket potato. You cant go far wrong with this high protein meal, but ”full fat mayo on a health and fitness site?” I hear you say. When you see food products labeled “low fat” or “reduced fat” you need to immediately think of a chemical crap storm running through your digestive system. Because of this I would always urge against opting for reduced fat products. Instead go for full fat or more closer-to-natural products, but control your portion sizes to match your goals.

330g jacket potato
28g full fat mayonnaise
120g tinned tuna

Nutritional info
Kcal – 602.2
P – 39.2g
C – 57.8g
F – 23.8g

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